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23rd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems
14-16 April 2020, Moscow, Crocus Expo

Business programme

About programme

75+ speakers

75+ speakers

Industry leaders, experts and representatives of scientific institutes

500+ delegates

500+ delegates

Heads and leading specialists of companies - producers and designers of electronic products

45 events

45 events

Plenary session, panel discussions, conferences and workshops

Relevant topics

Relevant topics

Trends of Russian electronics development, electronics production diversification, technical regulation and standarts, relevant issues of design and production of microelestronics

Keynote Speakers

Pavel Kutsko

Director MNIIRIP

Ivan Pokrovsky

Executive Director of Electronic Developers and Manifacturers Association, General Director of Informational and Analytical Center of Modern Electronics

Mikhail Pavlyuk

General Director of Milandr

Arseny Brykin

Director of external communications, JSC Ruselectronics

Alexey Volostnov

Director of Frost & Sullivan branch in Russia

Nikita Utkin

Head of programmes of RVK, Chairman of Technical Committee for standartization «Cyberphysics systems»

Gulnara Khasianova

General Director of Mikron

Evgeniy Lipkin

General Director of Ostek-CMT

Anatoliy Kovalev

General Director of «Zelenograd Center of Nanotechnologies»

Nikolay Plis

First Deputy of General Director Angstrem

Andrey Kolesnikov

Director of IoT Association

Alexey Troshin

Alexey Troshin, Director General, National Engineering Corporation

Andrey Bezrukov

President, Association of Electronics Developers and Manufacturers

Ilya Ivantsov

General Director of Element OOO, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of RTI AO, Chief Investment Director, Sistema Joint-Stock Financial Corporatio

Evgeny Maslennikov

CEO of GS Nanotech

Andrew Anikin

General Director of JSC Angstrom-T

Igor Sergeev

Director of digital production Department, Siemens

Konstantin Chernov

Leading engineer of the project business group of the industrial automation and digitalization Department, Bosch Rexroth


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Anatoly Klyushov

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