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23rd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems
14-16 April 2020, Moscow, Crocus Expo

Press release 2019: 155 new exhibitors, updated business programme and support of young professional

From 15 to 17 April, the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow will be hosting the 22nd ExpoElectronica International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Systems and the 17th ElectronTechExpo International Exhibition of Technologies, Equipment and Materials for the Electronic and Electrical Industries. Organised by ITE Group.

Both exhibitions will occupy an area totalling 18,000 sq m. In two exhibition halls, the participants will present products for a complete electronics manufacturing cycle — from the chip manufacturing process to finished electronic products.

The expositions feature 457 companies 17 countries: Russia, Belgium, China, Republic of China (Taiwan), Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Armenia, Belarus and others.

Among the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and distributors of electronic components are PT Electronics, Radiant, Simmetron, Fine Line, Milandr, Mikron, RC Module, Proton, Vekt Engineering Centre, Efo, NPO Energy Electronics, Rezonit, Tomilino Electronic Factory, MicroEM, Technotech, A-Kontrakt, ICAPE, and plants Atlant, Copier, Elekon and Electrodetail. Equipment and technologies will be provided by: Ostek Group, Global Engineering, RTS Engineering, Sovtest, Klever, Eurointekh, Viking, EST-SMT, Assemrus, Petrocommerce, Liontech, Rhem Thermal, Rode & Schwarz, Keysight, Deaxo, Awr, Keko-R and others.

155 new exhibitors will present their technologies and equipment at the Exhibition for the first time ever, including: Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), ZEZ Silko (Czech Republic), Infineon (Germany), Aurora Components, “Cleanroom Garment Laboratory” (Lamsystems), China Electronics Technology Group, Dynamic Electronics (Taiwan), “Amitron Electronics”, “Eltech”, Line-com (Canada), Plant “Iset”, Treston (Finland), “D-Former”, “Tekhno-Logika”, “Expert Electronics”, Zencha-Pskov”, NPO Diod, Bobrovski Insulation Factory and others. This year, the number of new entrants has increased by 27% versus last year.

By tradition, the exhibition will feature premieres. A VR presentation of digital assembly production will take place at the booth of Ostec Group (engineering company).It will also offer information on cutting-edge automation and digitalisation solutions for production processes. The booth of JSC Experimental Design Office of Microelectronics will present new solutions for import substitution of ECB previously supplied from the USA, Latvia and Ukraine.

The Exhibition features a great many companies from the PRC and the Republic of China (Taiwan). The China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) will present its booth.

It is for the first time that RCL Display will present its LCD displays and modules to the Russian market. Chipmall Electronics will present an online shop of electronic components. Dedicate Electronics, a distributor of electronic components, will demonstrate high quality semiconductors to Russian specialists. A PCB manufacturer, Dynamic, will offer printed circuit boards to the Russian market for the aerospace industry, military-industrial complex, medical industry and cloud services.

In 2019, an Expert Council for ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo exhibitions was set up as the main advisory body assigned to design a further development strategy for these projects. Ivan Pokrovsky, executive director of the Association of Electronics Developers and Manufacturers, which backs up the exhibitions, stresses that ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo promote personal contacts, thus contributing enormously to the development of a sectoral ecosystem.

The exhibitions are assisted by the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation; the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications; the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, and the Department of Radioelectronic Industry of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Business Programme

The three-day business programme of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo is concerned with the most pressing issues of industry development: production potential, domestic demand and exports, microelectronics etc. There will be discussions on manufacture diversification and conversion to civilian production, as well as workshops on standardization and topical instrument-making issues.

More than 60 leading Russian and foreign experts will speak at conferences, panel discussions, roundtables, technical and educational workshops: Arseny Brykin, Director of External Communications, Ruselectronics JSC; Pavel Kutsko, Director of FSUE Mytishchi Research Institute of Radio Measuring Instruments (MNIIRIP); Ivan Pokrovsky, Executive Director of the Association of Electronics Developers and Manufacturers; Mikhail Pavlyuk, CEO of JSC PCC Milandr; Ilya Ivantsov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at RTI and Chief Investment Director of PJSC JSFC Sistema; Gulnara Khasyanova, Director General of PJSC Micron; Yevgeny Lipkin, General Director of Ostec-SMT; and others.

During the exhibition, the participants will make presentations of their products. The industry’s key companies - Micron, Milandr, Electrolube, Elecon, MNIIRIP and others - will attend more than 30 technical workshops.

On 15 April, the Exhibition’s first day, the plenary session “Russian Electronics Today. The Current State and Growth Problems of development” will be held. The heads of leading industries, government representatives and market analysts will share information on the state of the global and domestic electronic industries, discuss electronics growth problems and outline development areas.

16 April will be the IPC Practice Day, an event of a new format, organised in collaboration with the IPC International Association. This is a series of information reports and technical presentations involving certified IPC trainers. In the course of presentations, companies’ representatives highly experienced in applying international IPC standards will share their approaches to using powerful tools for product quality improvement. The event will be held in an open area for presentations in room 13.

Another event of a new format - the discussion BATTLE “Russian Electronics. A Glimpse into the Future” will take place on 17 April. During a verbal duel, the key industry figures will express their opinions on two main issues - the country's readiness to introduce Industry 4.0 technologies and the industry development strategy. Two teams involved in the battle will defend different points of view. The winner will be selected by audience voting. The battle will be moderated by Yevgeny Lipkin, Director General of Ostec-SMT. The discussion battle will be held in conference room No. 2, from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm on 17 April.

During an intensive training workshop "Current issues of designing and modelling printed circuit boards" conducted for engineering and technical staff of Russian developers and electronics manufacturers, practitioners will spell out to the attendees how to make PCB projects adaptable to streamlined production. The event will take place in conference room No.2 on 17 April.

One of the key events on the business programme is the conference "Microelectronics in the Russian Federation: Current State and Points of Growth". The conference will include a panel discussion and a meeting of the Investment Committee. The conference will take place in conference room No.1, from 11:00 am to 04:00 pm on 17 April.

The first-ever roundtable will be held on staffing and professional training of electronic industry professionals. The programme "Career Day" assisted by the Association of ECB Universities will include presentations of internships and training at the companies participating in the Exhibition.

The exhibitions will include the VI season of the INRADEL contest whose concept is to prepare promising innovative scientific and technical projects from the “idea” to the pre-seed stage. The INRADEL project is not just an Innovative Radio Electronics contest, but an early-stage startup support system. Organiser: JSC CRI Electronics assisted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The presentation and assessment of the stated projects will take place in the open area for presentations in room 13 on 17 April.

Exhibitions’ partners:

NCAB — partner of the Printed Circuit Boards section

ECB Test — Branded Bag Sponsor

ELVEES — Exhibition’s Official Guide Sponsor

PIT Logistics — Exhibition Logistics Partner


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