Expanding opportunities: A-CONTRACT and Global Engineering agreement onsite

At ExpoElectronica, a contract was signed for the supply of new installers and the third generation ASM Siplace SX2

As part of the comprehensive expansion and modernization of its equipment park, A-KONTRAKT signed an agreement with Global-Engineering for the supply of third-generation ASM Siplace SX component installation machines.

The new ASM Siplace SX2 machines with ASM Works software are high-tech modern equipment that ensures the highest quality and speed of assembly of electronic components on printed circuit boards. The third generation ASM Siplace SX2 installers have a number of advantages over their predecessors, as well as over counterparts from other manufacturers. The capabilities of ASM Siplace SX2 machines will allow A-CONTRACT to offer its customers PCB assembly services at a qualitatively new level.

Thanks to the new installations, it will be possible to:

1. Expansion of the range of services due to the ability to install components of standard size 030015 on boards

2. Increase in productivity of automatic assembly lines by more than 2 times

3. Significant reduction in changeover times for SMD lines

4. Ensuring maximum efficiency of equipment functioning

At the moment, several lines of automatic surface mounting of printed circuit boards are successfully operating on the 4,500 sq.m. production area of ​​A-CONTRACT, there is a repair section (repair of boards with BGA and reballing), an output assembly workshop and a multi-stage integrated quality control system. Technical equipment and a team of more than 250 professionals open up ample opportunities for A-CONTRACT customers.

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