Exhibition sectors

  • Semiconductor components and modules
  • Passive components
  • Electromechanics
  • PCBs
  • Sensors and control devices
  • Embedded systems
  • Power electronics
  • Displays
  • Automation systems and software
  • Electronic devices design and manufacturing services
  • Emerging technologies

ExpoElectronica is concurrent with another International exhibition – ElectronTechExpo.
Semiconductor components and modules
Microsystems Devices (MEMS, NEMS)
Radio-frequency and microwave components
Multilayer PCBs
Single / Double Sided PCBs
Specialized PCBs
Sensors and control devices
Sensors, including semiconductor and MEMS
Input / output devices, controllers, alarms
Electronic protection devices
LED/OLED/LCD displays
Electronic Paper Displays
Display Periphery and Elements
Passive components
Capacitors, Resistors, Switches, Antennas
Inductors (chokes) and ferromagnetic components, transformers
Piezoelectric components
Automation systems
Industrial automation systems
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Automation Components
Cables and cable assemblies, Interconnection components
Cases and components
Relays, switches, keyboards
Embedded systems
Components for Embedded systems
Assemblies / Modules
Embedded operating systems (OS)
Electronic devices design and manufacturing services
Design Centers, Foundries
EDA tools and IP-blocks
Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
Emerging technologies
Software, components and assemblies for robotics
5G-IoT-AI components and solutions
Electronic payment and identification (ID) systems
Power Electronics
Power Electronics
Power-management systems