Power electronics devices are irreplaceable in work and everyday life. Modern solutions make it possible to achieve improved control over energy consumption in transport, in the field of communications, in any production and even in everyday life.

Progress does not stand still, and every year the components of power systems used are becoming more powerful and more compact. Visit the ExpoElectronica exhibition to get acquainted with the manufacturers' proposals, receive consultations at the stand and choose necessary products.

The sector presents:

  • Power semiconductor devices
  • IGBT / MOSFET Drivers
  • Power capacitors
  • Power resistors
  • Power bus
  • Transformers and chokes
  • Coolers
  • Switching devices
  • Force sensors
  • Power assemblies
  • Power supplies
  • Secondary power supplies
  • Electricity converters
  • Power supply and energy storage systems
  • Power management systems
  • Current Conversion Products
  • Permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials
  • Magnetic coils
  • Chemical power sources
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Measurement Equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment and components
  • Batteries and accumulators