Why exhibit

Why participate in ExpoElectronica?

For 25 years, ExpoElectronica has provided the electronics industry with a platform for business meetings and business development.

16 435visitors
26+Business programme events

Exhibitors have the opportunity to demonstrate the company's products to a wide target audience - specialists and managers of enterprises engaged in the development, production and distribution of electronic products, microelectronics, radio electronics, components and accessories, as well as companies providing services in various sectors of the electronics industry and interested in procurement products for their companies.

With the Russian market restructuring, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Russian market trends:

  • International cooperation is an important component for regulating and developing the high-tech market in Russia
  • Even stronger governmental support from the Russian government with the announcement of a national project concept for the development of the domestic electronics industry for the period up to 2030. The current version of the document will require budgetary and extrabudgetary investments of about 3.19 trillion with the potential to grow up to 9 trillion rubles. The top-priority countries for developing the Russian business in electronics are China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Israel, and Iran
  • Rebuilding the logistic and supply chains offers new opportunities for friendly partnership countries
  • The development of Russian-based joint-ventured enterprises in manufacturing offers further opportunities between Russian and foreign companies

Reach your business goals at ExpoElectronica in 3 days:

  • Expand geography of your sales
  • Enter the Russian market with your brand and products
  • Increase your sales and market share
  • Maintain and strengthen your market positions
  • Conduct direct negotiations on the supply of your products at the highest level
  • Maintain relationships with current clients and partners
  • Establish contacts with new potential clients
  • Find distributors and partners

Discover a unique audience of ExpoElectronica

  • Over 16,000 industry specialists from 70 regions and 20 countries visited ExpoElectronica in 2022
  • 55% (>8,000) of visitors visited the exhibition for the first time
  • 93% influence purchasing decisions in their company
  • 41% of visitors have a **budget for purchases of 100-500 million rubles

Present products to potential customers and partners

  • 8 598 unique companies among visitors
  • 72% visit only ExpoElectronica among similar exhibitions
  • 86% - share of targeted visitors
  • 63% of exhibitors found new customers at the exhibition

Expand your list of business contacts

  • 24% - first persons of companies
  • 60% of target visitors are senior management at various levels
  • 74% of exhibitors received more than 50 new contacts while working at ExpoElectronica
Exhibit at ExpoElectronica
Exhibit at ExpoElectronica

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