ExpoElectronica 2022 press release

Vasily Shpak, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, will visit the ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo exhibitions

From 12 to 14 April 2022, the International Exhibitions ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo will take place at Crocus Expo

Imports in the electronics industry is the key topic of the Russian market. ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo will provide a unique opportunity for companies and experts to gather and discuss current issues. The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Shpak will visit the exhibitions. The Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation will organize a close meeting at the exhibitions.

More than 350 companies from Russia, Belarus, Austria, Armenia, Germany, India, China, the Netherlands, and Taiwan will take part in the ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo. More than 30 Russian regions will be presented at the exhibitions.

The following key companies will showcase their products: Element, Ruselectronics, TEHNOTEH, ELVEES, SOYUZ, VSP-A, Voskhod KRLZ, Donskoy factory of radiocomponents, Bolkhov Plant of Semiconductor Devices, IMOTECH, MicroEM Technologies, Zavod Atlant, Elecon, Elektrodetal, KOPIR, SNEZHET, Magneton, and many others. The leading distributors and manufacturers will take part in the technology sector: OSTEC, Dipaul, Sovtest, GLOBAL ENGINEERING, Avanteh, Novator, ELMA, ESTO, LIV, PLANAR, Form, and others.

This year, 50 companies from Russia, India, Austria and Germany will showcase for the first time. 6 companies will be presented at the collective stand of the Industrial Cluster “Consortium of Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems”: Android Technics, Geoscan, Progress, Positron, Prof-IT, and ROBBO. The unmanned systems, the Pioneer educational complex, the quadcopter Gemini, an electronic sealing device, the wireless sensor tags, a truck scale control system, the 32-bit Artery microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex-M4 /M0+, and other devices will be introduced.


ELVEES will present the Skif processor designed for multimedia, navigation, and applications: communication devices, tablets, smart cameras, single-board computers, robotics, and artificial intelligence systems.

Digital Solutions will showcase the controllers for solid state drives. They contain additional mechanisms for data integrity and protection.

PRODIS.NDT will present the first inexpensive X-ray inspection system PRODIS.Electro. Small industries and large enterprises can significantly improve the quality of electronic products with the product.

Eurointech will talk about a wide range of equipment for ultrasonic welding, robotic dispenser, selective soldering, and plasma surface treatment.

Engineering Center Automated control systems will hold a presentation of a printed circuit board tester allowing to carry out all types of control with high accuracy.

Business programme

The exhibitions will hold a three-day business programme on the current issues. It will include 24 events with 80 speakers: the representatives of state organizations and the heads of leading companies.

On 12 April, the analytical session “Russian electronics: current state and development forecasts” will be the first event of the business programme.

The speakers will talk about the current state of Russian electronics, the challenges of the industry, and offer solutions. Vasily Shpak, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, will take part in the session.

At the conference “Basis of Industry Development” the experts will discuss the results of the “Strategy for the Development of the Electronics Industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030”.

At the round table “Contract manufacturing and development of electronics”, the speakers will discuss the industrial cooperation under sanctions, the transfer of contract manufacturing, the selection of components for projects, and new components.

For the first time, the consulting center “Extended Producer Responsibility” will work at the exhibitions. The initiative will support the development of ESG principles in the Russian electronics industry. The manufacturers will be able to discuss the current issues.

On 13 April, the round table “Robotics and the digital economy of Russia. The prospective development of robotics in the new reality” will take place. The aim of the event is to form an intersectoral programme for the development of robotics, components, and technologies. The round table will help to establish a dialogue between business representatives and authorities.

The conference “Sanction-proof car electronics” will be held with the support of the Consortium of car electronic elements and telematics. The experts will discuss the car electronics localization and sanctions. At the conference the Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia Andrey Zarenin, the Director of the Department of the Stimulation of Demand for Radio-Electronic Products of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia Alexander Ponkin, the Deputy Director of the Department of the Automotive Industry and Railway Engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Dmitry Chernov, and the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Konstantin Dolgov will present reports.

At the conference “Development of medicine and domestic electronics industry”, the experts will discuss the use of modern radio-electronic technologies in medicine. The event will be held with the support of Consortium “Medical Technology”.

The signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Consortium “Passive Electronic Components” and the Russian production consortiums will be the final event of the second day. The representatives of state bodies, production consortiums, and radio-electronics industry will give speeches.

On the first and second days of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo, the exhibitors like Zavod Elecon, Milur Intelligent Systems, Digital Solutions, Mikron, Phoenix Electronics, DESIGN CENTER SOYUZ, ZPP, GS Nanotech, EREMEX, Fastwel, ERKON, Resurs, BZPP, and TELLURE ELECTRONICS will organize their events. The speakers will present new products and talk about novelties.

On 14 April, the representatives of the leading companies in the industry will take part in the discussion battle, where they will talk about the future of the modern electronics in Russia.


On 14 April, the 2nd independent business award ceremony ELECTRONICA, organized as part of the ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo exhibitions, will take place. The award will help to develop Russian electronics. The nominees will receive additional promotion and high-quality feedback from the professional community. There are 19 nominees in 8 categories:

  • Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics:
    • Elektron-Mash, Technological Centre, Form, Digital Solutions, and Kulon
  • Contract manufacturing:
    • MicroEM Technologies
  • Industrial Design:
    • Dipaul
  • Power electronics:
    • AKM and Techno-Logika
  • Trusted platform:
    • Dipaul
  • Localization:
    • Dipaul
  • Basic technologies and means of production:
    • DS-Robotics, PRODIS.NDT, Elektron-Mash, and NTO
  • Russian distributors of electronic components:
    • RU Electronics and Getchips

The award will be held with the support of Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association. The exclusive information partner is Journal “Electronics: Science, Technology, Business”.


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