High Precision Solder Paste Jet Dispensing Machine

Exploring the I.C.T solder paste jet dispensing machine for 5G applications

I.C.T Brand, Made in Japan.

As functionality and performance increase in the electronics field, there is an increasing need for finer and more precise coatings. The HD series machine is a micro-volume, high-speed, high-precision machine that meets the core requirements of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, CASE, blockchain and other 5G technologies that change life and social fields.

Top advantages:

  1. Quickly customize a dedicated platform according to customer needs;
  2. By measuring any three points on the PCB, the plane height is calculated, and the needle height is automatically compensated based on the measured height data;
  3. Efficient image processing speed reduces visual retrieval and visual inspection time;
  4. Non-contact laser can detect 1μm warpage of the substrate;
  5. High-speed micro-spraying of high-viscosity materials, automatic correction and compensation of chip cutting and welding errors;
  6. Solder paste printing, small amount of high-speed dot spraying, small dot spacing.

More information, please visit www.smtfactory.com.

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