Discover the power of I.C.T automated IC programmer

Simplifying IC programming with expert precision

I.C.T-910 IC Burner

In the vast electronic industry, I.C.T, a 20-year SMT expert, leads with innovation. Meet the I.C.T-910 IC Burner. Essential for seamless operation, it boasts high capacity and speed, showcasing I.C.T's commitment to advancing electronic technology with excellence.

I.C.T IC Burning Machine: Unmatched Versatility:

  1. Compatibility: tailoring adapters for various ICs ensures seamless compatibility.

  2. Speed: boasting 2000-3000 UPH, the machine meets modern manufacturing demands.

  3. Supported package types: versatility supports diverse package options for various IC tasks.

  4. Burning algorithms support: precision in programming meets specific IC requirements reliably.

  5. Ease of use: streamlined operations ensure enhanced efficiency with an intuitive interface.

  6. Software support: stable and adaptable software keeps manufacturers at the forefront of technology.

  7. Upgradability: future-ready design ensures continued compatibility and advanced features.

I.C.T's Commitment to Unparalleled Customer Support

With I.C.T, IC programming transforms from daunting to simple, seamless, and swift. Experts of the company, drawing on two decades of SMT equipment manufacturing in China, are committed to programming the chips in any language. I.C.T guarantees quality, ensuring trouble-free chips and functional devices.

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