I.C.T intelligent SMD storage system

How to elevate SMD component management?

I.C.T company

At the end of 2023, I.C.T launched the ISS2000, a groundbreaking solution for SMD material storage challenges in SMT production. Efficiency and innovation define success in electronics manufacturing, and the ISS2000, a flagship under the I.C.T brand, combines European expertise with a progressive supply chain strategy. This pioneering system seamlessly blends European craftsmanship with competitive Chinese pricing, ensuring unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

Efficient Manufacturing Solutions: Revolutionizing SMD Handling and Storage

  1. Efficient Handling: Unloads necessary reels with a platform for various sizes, reducing storage costs.
  2. Batch Loading: Handles up to 33 reels, surpassing traditional methods for optimized loading/unloading.
  3. Smart Control: Barcode reader ensures accurate identification, temperature/humidity control protects components, and time management prevents defects.
  4. Flexibility in Uninstalling: Options like first-in-first-out, production date priority, and current use priority tailor component management.
  5. Future-Ready Compatibility: Aligns with Industry 4.0, ensuring seamless information sharing and processing with MES/ERP systems.

In summary, ISS2000 streamlines operations, embodying a shift towards smarter, adaptable manufacturing processes—a testament to I.C.T's commitment to advancing standards in the electronics industry.

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