I.C.T strategic collaboration with RMI

I.C.T’s supply chain and overall quality will be fully upgraded


Global Growth: I.C.T Welcomes RMI to Elevate Supply Chain in 2023

In a strategic step towards reinforcing its Globalization and Localization endeavors, I.C.T, a key player in the electronics manufacturing industry, is excited to announce the addition of RMI to its global supply chain. After two years of thorough research, I.C.T is set to integrate RMI, a leading name in X-ray technology, with a significant investment in 2023.

About RMI:Pioneering X-ray Technology for SMT in China

Founded in 2012, RMI has been a relentless pioneer in the field of X-ray technology for the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry in China. The journey began in 2005, with the team specializing in X-ray applications for various domains, including IGBT, IC chips, PCBA, lithium batteries, aluminum castings, and more. With a commitment to innovation and precision, RMI has gained a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions to the ever-evolving electronics landscape.

I.C.T's strategic investment in RMI, known as 'I.C.T-RMI,' kicks off a powerful partnership. Designed to boost RMI with global support, 'I.C.T-RMI' becomes a core sub-brand, strengthening I.C.T's market share in X-ray inspection. This collaboration focuses on enhancing X-ray solutions for diverse industries, combining RMI's expertise with I.C.T's global reach for reliable testing products. The investment underscores I.C.T's commitment to robust supply chains, expanding the portfolio for top-quality solutions.

For more information please view: www.smtfactory.com

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