I.C.T PCB new dual-sided conformal coating line

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New dual-sided conformal coating line by I.C.T

To meet the customized needs of PCB manufacturing, is proud to present its latest breakthrough - a state-of-the-art double-sided coating production line. The newly revealed coating line offers comprehensive surface coating and intricate functionalities on both sides of PCBs. With a modest footprint of 17 * 1.5 meters, the line boasts impressive throughput, coating PCBs up to 710 * 500mm at a remarkable production speed of approximately 30 to 40 seconds per side.

I.C.T's innovative coating line features a customized design with a return track functionality, incorporating both upper and lower tracks for efficient looping back of PCBs to the initial stage for further processing. The coating machine introduces scanning capability, demonstrating the ability to scan QR codes measuring 4.5*4.5mm. This enables precise coating by identifying the side of the PCB and invoking the corresponding program.

Lifting elevators at the rear end of the coating line are equipped with scanning functionality, facilitating the decision to return the PCB for further coating or proceed to the PCB unloader upon completion. The integration of Coating AOI adds a layer of quality assurance, identifying and filtering out non-compliant PCBs using a distinct light spectrum and specialized algorithms.

Every device within I.C.T's coating and SMT production lines boasts a CE safety certificate, ensuring reliable and secure solutions. With a service footprint in 75 countries worldwide, I.C.T leverages extensive global experience to customize offerings to local power standards, ensuring seamless integration.

For inquiries or further information, contact the I.C.T Team at www.smtfactory.com or contact I.C.T specialists at the company's stand.

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