I.C.T advanced selective wave soldering machine

Elevating precision in high-volume electronics manufacturing

Selective wave soldering, a specialized technique tailored for through-hole components, caters to the stringent requirements of high-end electronic products, including military electronics, automotive electronics, and switching power supply products. I.C.T's online selective wave soldering, a high-performance Chinese innovation, offers flexibility for multi-wave soldering in high-volume processes.

With features like parallel processing, up to two spray heads, and five lower preheating with upper convection heating, it ensures optimal soldering reliability. This equipment is ideal for integration with assembly stands and peripheral devices, as well as seamless connection to traceability systems for precise process control.

Key features of I.C.T's selective wave soldering machine:

  1. PCB plate fixed, spray and soldering platform moving

  2. High soldering quality, greatly improve the pass rate of soldering

  3. Modular design of SMEMA online transportation, support customers for flexible line formation

  4. Full PC control. All parameters can set in PC and saved to PCB menu, like moving path, solder temperature, flux type, solder type, N2 temperature, best trace-ability and easy to get repeat soldering quality

  5. Auto wave height calibration function, to check & calibrate wave’s height after every certain PCB, so to keep a very good stability of wave

  6. CCD Mark positioning function, to check PCB’s mark point after every certain PCB.

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