ExpoElectronica 2021 opens in a week

ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo will bring together leading manufacturers, suppliers and customers in live interaction

On 13-15 April 2021, Crocus Expo in Moscow will host the 23rd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems ExpoElectronica. Simultaneously with ExpoElectronica, the 18th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for electronic and electrical industries ElectronTechExpo will take place.

Every year, ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo serve an important business platform for the micro- and radio electronics industry, where market leaders total up their work, discuss business development prospects, establish new useful contacts, and showcase the cutting-edge technologies. In 2021, the role of exhibitions in the restoration and development of the Russian electronics industry is increasing, because they provide an opportunity for professional visitors to get acquainted with the offers of domestic and foreign suppliers and manufacturers without leaving the exhibition venue.

In 2021, ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo will feature 282 companies from 9 countries: Russia, China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Germany, France, Czech Republic, Armenia, and Belarus. In addition, 32 sub-exhibitors will work at the stands of their partners.

The list of exhibitors in 2021 contains leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and distributors of electronic components and electronics: “Element”, “Roselectronics”, “Radiant”, “Symmetron”, “Zolotoy Shar”, “Milandr”, “Mikron”, “Integral-Zapad”, “Proton”, Engineering Center “Vekt”, NPO “Energeticheskaya Elektronika”, “Tomilinskiy Electronic Plant”, “MicroEM”, “Technotech”, “A-Contract”; factories: “Atlant”, “Kopir”, “Elekon”, “Electrodetal”, “Electroconnector”, “Ricor Electronics”, “GS Group”, and many others.

Participating for the first time in the exhibition will be: “Axeltech”, “Bolkhovsky Plant of Semiconductor Devices”, “Balt Optim”, “Brooker”, “Electronmash”, “Elexu”, “EMC Assistant”, “Concern Innovative Technologies”, “Infoster”, “IRZ -Svyaz”, “KSP”, “Quartz”, “Melitek”, “Mir”, “Optron-Stavropol”, “Result Electronics”, “TTM”, “Instrument Plant”, “2A-Pro”, “NPK Technological Center”, “Ricor Electronics”, and others.

Equipment and materials will be showcased at the stands of the largest distributors: “GK Ostek”, “Dipol”, “Global Engineering”, “RTS Engineering”, “Sovtest”, “Clever”, “Eurointech”, “Est-Smt”, “Assemrus”, “Petrokommerts”, “Liontech”, “Keko-R”, as well as Russian manufacturers: “SPbTs Elma”, “NPP Esto”, “Holding Informtest”, “Electronmash”, “Bobrovsky Isolation Plant”, and others. Industrial furniture will be presented by domestic manufacturers “NPO Diod” and “Dikom”.

Foreign companies will participate through their representative offices and distributors. In particular, Russian-speaking representatives will be working at the stands of the se companies “SINNO ELECTRONICS”, “Mornsun”, “Shenzhen Melasta”, “Shenzhen Wanty Photoelectric”, “TAIZHOU WANGLING INSULATING MATERIALS FACTORY”, “ACE”, “ETC Electronics”, “Chip in Stock”, and “Max Exho”.

For the first time, the joint pavilion “ARMENIA” will be presented at the exhibition by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia. Armenian companies will demonstrate the best solutions in the field of high technologies in the electronic, radio and military industries, as well as in the field of software, including the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

In 2021, Russian distribution of electronic components and equipment turns 30. Many regular exhibitors at ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo celebrate their anniversaries, including “GK Ostek” and “RITs Technosphere”. The world leader in the production of equipment and materials for manufacturing products from multilayer ceramics, the company “Keko Equipment Ltd” (Slovenia) will celebrate its 25th anniversary at its stand.

Business programme

All three days of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo 2021 will be accompanied by a rich business programme. The scheduled Forum of Russian electronics manufacturers will include 26 major industry events and technical seminars with the participation of more than 80 speakers, representatives of government and public organizations, as well as heads of leading companies. Within the framework of the forum, participants will be able to share their experience, analyze business cases, and discuss topical issues of the industry.

13 April 2021

The business programme of the exhibitions will open with the conference “Difficulties of Industry Regulation”, organized with the support of the Association of Electronics Developers and Manufacturers (ARPE). The speakers will discuss registers of Russian products, which have become the main instrument for regulating purchases by government agencies and state-owned companies; regulation of the market for critical information infrastructure (CII) objects, and growth potential in the regulated market.

The intellectual partner of the exhibitions, “Ostec Group of Companies”, together with the Russian Quantum Center will hold an event dedicated to “Microelectronics and quantum technologies — a new reality. Building a quantum computer in Russia”.

At the Open meeting of the permanent Working Group at the Expert Council for the Electronic and Radio-electronic Industry of the State Duma of the Russian Federation “Provision of electronics with production means and personnel”, the creation of a new industry Consortium will be announced.

ANO for the development of the radio-electronic industry “Consortium” IT hardware manufacturing” will hold a session “Local computers. Dialogue with the consumer”, where the speakers will touch upon all the issues in the regulatory and practical field of supply and operation of domestic computer technology.

14 April 2021

The second day of the business programme will be opened by the Plenary Session “Russian electronic industry today: current state and development forecast”, where speakers will discuss the current state of Russian electronics, consider challenges of the industry, as well as solutions. Within the session, a greeting speech by the Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) A.P. Shalaev is expected.

With the support of the Association “Consortium of automotive electronic elements and telematics” and the Cluster of automotive industry, the conference “High-quality Russian car electronics — the basis of a highly localized automotive industry” will take place. The conference participants will discuss the development of technologies, the formation of new projects at the federal level, rule-making initiatives, as well as work with government authorities in the field of automotive electronics and telematics.

The second day will end with the conference “End-to-end electronics industry projects. Technologies and component base for the development of 5G networks, the Internet of things and robotics in the Russian Federation”, where speakers will share the latest developments and breakthrough solutions at the interface of hardware and software, as well as measures of state support for end-to-end digital technologies.

In addition, on 13 and 14 of April, 16 technical seminars and presentations of new products will be held by exhibitors in two conference rooms of the “Aquarium” Hotel, namely by: “Elekon Plant”, “Kulon”, “Integral-Zapad”, “SWAGELOK”, “Mikron”, “Avantech”, “NPO ERKON”, “Infineon Technologies”, “Promtekhkomplekt”, “TD Promelectronica”, “Plant Magneton”, “EREMEX”, and “Proton”.

15 April 2021

On the final day of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo 2021, the Award ceremony of the 1st ELECTRONICA Prize will take place. The ELECTRONICA award is aimed at supporting and promoting the best examples of improving the efficiency of enterprises, increasing sales, innovation, marketing strategies, and personnel management in the electronic industry of Russia and related fields through the expression of professional and public recognition of the merits of individual executives and companies.

15 companies were nominated in 6 categories:

  • Micro- and nanoelectronics: “Research Institute of Molecular Electronics”, “NIIET”;
  • Power electronics: “Mitsubishi Electric (RUS)”, “ELMANK”, “Proton-Electrotex”, “NIIET”;
  • Localization of production in Russia: “Sovtest ATE”, “Rezonit”, “TECHNOTECH”;
  • Contract manufacturing and development: “Ostec-Integra”, “Balt-Optim”, “Rezonit”, “CTS” (“NPO Digital Television Systems”);
  • Russian distributors of equipment and representative offices of foreign companies: “Ostec-Integra”;
  • Russian distributors of EC: “GetChips”.

The audience favorite in 2019, the Speech Battle will once again be part of the business programme. Representatives of leading companies in the industry, holding different points of view, will enter into a verbal duel and try to answer the question: “Local products: by government contract or by the laws of the market?” with the active involvement and support of the audience. The co-organizer of the battle is the Intellectual partner of the exhibitions, “Ostec Group of Companies”.

The business program will conclude with a conference on the topic: “Industry transformation: staff readiness”. The speakers and the audience will discuss new approaches in training professional personnel for the radio-electronic industry, interaction with universities, as well as the key results of the research “HR Brand of the industry”. The partner of the conference is “Element”.

Official support and partners of the exhibitions

ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo 2021 were supported by: Collegium of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Moscow Government, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Association of Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics (ARPE).

ElectronTechExpo 2021 has been selected as the venue for a closed meeting of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation on supporting domestic manufacturers of materials, equipment and technologies required for the production of printed circuit boards, which indicates the importance of the exhibition for the development of the Russian electronics industry. The meeting of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation will take place on 14 April 2021, at 14:00.

Exhibition partners:

  • Intellectual partner — “GK Ostek”;
  • Sponsor of the official guide of the exhibition — “SPC ELVIS”;
  • Sponsor of the entrance group — “Mornsun”;
  • Sponsor of electronic registration — “GetChips”.

Health & safety

ITE Group, the organizer of ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo, cares about the health & safety of exhibitors and visitors to their events. The exhibitions will be held in compliance with all recommendations approved by Rospotrebnadzor and UFI. At the entrances to the exhibition complex, non-contact body temperature measurement will be carried out. It will be possible to enter the exhibition only with a mask and gloves. PPE will be available at check-in desks. All exhibitors and visitors will be able to use antiseptic, free of charge and at any time. In addition, the intensity of cleaning the exhibition area will be increased. More information on safety and health measures at the ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo 2021 site can be found on the exhibition websites.

The 23rd International exhibition ExpoElectronica and the 18th International exhibition ElectronTechExpo will take place on 13-15 April 2021 at Crocus Expo, Pavilion 3, Hall 14.

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