Business mission of the ExpoElectronica and PRO Robots teams: results of visiting the exhibition and conference World Robot Conference 2023

Technology companies and startups in the world of robotics, new business contacts and prospects for cooperation with China

Rimma Mangusheva, Director of the ExpoElectronica exhibition, joined the business mission to the World Robot Conference exhibition. One of the key international events in the robotics section took place in Beijing from August 14 to 20. Please find the results of visiting the World Robot Conference and the development of cooperation with Chinese companies in the article.

World Robot Conference 2023 visiting

ExpoElectronica team at World Robot Conference

More than 600 companies took part in the exhibition - both new players in the robotics market and industry leaders. On the first day, the ExpoElectronica and PRO Robots team visited the Innoway center. This is an innovation area that brings together about 2,000 technology companies and startups. Innoway is mainly focused on cooperation with medium and small enterprises.

In addition, on the first day, guests visited the office of the AUBO company, which specializes in the production of collaborative robots. These are medical, industrial, household, educational, robotic artists and other models. The company was founded in 2015, but today the annual production volume reaches 6,000 units. AUBO focuses on ready-made solutions and shows high interest in the Russian electronics market.

The next place for business communication was the Lenovo office, where the team was shown smart manufacturing technologies for industrial enterprises, as well as the digital ecosystem. The technical director of Lenovo took part in the meeting.

Lenovo office

As part of the second day, a meeting was held with the leadership of the Chinese Robotics Association and the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Association, and the head of these structures, Song Xiaogang. The China Robotics Association is one of the largest professional societies in the country, uniting more than 500 companies in the field of robots and automation. At the end of the meeting, the teams discussed the prospects for cooperation, which will take the robotics industry in Russia and China to a new level.

Also on the second day, there was a visit to the Beijing Institute of Technology, one of the key industry organizations. Institute scientists showed the guests unique developments, the main of which are humanoid robots.

Director of the ExpoElectronica exhibition in the Beijing Institute of Technology

On the third day of the World Robot Conference 2023, the team was able to evaluate the large-scale exposition of the exhibition and get acquainted with new products and achievements of world robotics.

During the exhibition days, effective negotiations were held with Chinese companies participating in the exhibition, including: Deep Robotics, Da Vinci Surgical, Robot Era, CETC, Jing Cheng Machinery Automation, SWT Drive, Jou Motion, High Torque, HW Robots, XJC Sensor, Vantron , Keso Proton, Wu Lumugi, Kunwei, LeaderDrive, Hsoar Group, IFM Electronic, Nats, Effort, Jiangsu Province Spec Robot.Techn. Lab, Mobile Ind. Robots, Unitree, AI, Nature and Intelligence, ChangKong Yufeng Tech, Aovita, Saint-Gobain, CSIY, Yolidar, EAi Shenzhen Tech, Orbbec, Fibcom, IOA Simulation, Paxini, Sunny optical int, Vizum, Dreame and others.

World Robot Conference 2023

World Robot Conference 2023 exhibition

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